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Hannah Sandoz is a composer, vocalist, and audio engineer based in Chicago, IL. They are a 2021 graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music with a B.M. in TIMARA (Technology in Music and Related Arts). Live performances of their solo project are typically arranged for guitar, voice, and laptop. 

Sandoz's music explores tenderness, shared experiences, and emotional memory. They began their songwriting practice as a teenager in Lafayette, LA with a candid, through-composed approach. Implementing morose lyrics and lush ambient soundscapes, Sandoz paints a picture that is dense and vivid, like the ecosystem that bore them. Storytelling is an intuitive process to them, and the intimacy of opening up to people invigorates their writing process. The structure of their songs combines elements of American folk and bedroom rock, detailing experiences that are further articulated by their use of electronic processing. 

With each work, Sandoz documents a feeling or event in their life. Some are tender and intimate, while others feel cold and distant. These qualitative properties inform their choices of harmony, structure, and timbre.

For a complete list of professional experience and technical skills, please see their 

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