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Music that holds you while you cry: Hannah Sandoz's music explores tenderness, shared experiences, and emotional memory. They started writing songs as a teen living in Lafayette, LA with scrappy recording techniques and candid lyrics. Through years of classical training in composition and production, they've embraced melancholy lyrics and lush soundscapes, painting pictures as dense and vivid as the swamps that bore them. 

After graduating high school, Sandoz attended the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, OH. It was here that they learned to arrange live performances of their solo work for guitar, voice, and laptop. Now based in Chicago, Sandoz leverages live electronic processing to render universal stories of day-to-day life into complex soundworlds that coax and stir even the most skeptical of audiences.​ Their most recent single, summer song, embodies this with a mesmerizing wash of layered vocals that spiral and curl over one another, before breaking into an angelic harmony.  

Sandoz released their debut LP, Leaving the party early, in March 2023, two years after moving to Chicago. To promote its release, they toured across the midwest and east coast, playing at indie venues like the Horn Gallery (Gambier, OH) and Rubulad (NYC). Sandoz anticipates the release of a 6-song EP followed by another tour in Fall 2024.

Hannah Sandoz’s ethereal vocals and cozy instrumentals take on a rural allure that will resonate with fans of Grouper, Katie Dey, or Adrianne Lenker.​

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A photo of Hannah Sandoz playing guitar next to a laptop on a stand in a pink-tinted room

Recent and upcoming shows

SXSW Smash by Porch Swing Unofficial Showcase, 3/15

SXSW Unofficial Showcase at Sad Tree House, 3/12

Sleeping Village, 1/16

Cole's Bar, 11/10

Cafe Mustache, 10/16

Subterranean, 9/22

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