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Hannah Sandoz - hole - Live from Pilsen Artist Lofts
Hannah Sandoz - summer song - Live from Pilsen Artist Lofts
a skull full of spiderwebs (2022)
Hannah Sandoz - at least i tried!!!
Spatial Anxieties (2021)
Hannah Sandoz - over stair (official video)
Hannah Sandoz - :,,) (official video)
Hannah Sandoz - burden (official video)
Reverie for oil lamps, live electronics (2020)
CAT FANCY (2019)
lamp étude (2019)
Ham: the good rat (2019)
WOBC-LFSB 504: Walldogs - So Small/Alone
BOOM! Tragedy - an audiovisual installation (2018)
two stories (2018)
Oberlin Opera Theater Presents: Du Yun's Angel's Bone (2018)
sannah handoz - sorry (official)


a collection of short films, project documentation, and other assorted moving image works.

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